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Headaches and Migraines Care Grand Forks

Though you might think of a headache as a common issue, it’s not normal. The most typical approach is to mask the headache with a pain reliever. Though it may seem effective, it does nothing to address the why behind your headaches and migraines.

How We’ll Help

As a chiropractor, Dr. Kayne’s goal is to locate and reduce the cause of your headache. Commonly, the spinal bones in the neck have a subluxation. The subluxation can affect the muscles, nerves and blood supply to the head. You may notice that you can’t turn your head like you normally can, too.

With a thorough examination, we can detect the presence of any subluxations that cause headaches. You might be surprised to learn that a headache can even result from a problem in the lower back. Your upper spine compensates for the problem, shifting your head to the side and causing a headache. We’re fortunate to say that we have a high success rate in treating headaches and migraines.

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