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Ear Infections Care Grand Forks

Though you may think of an ear infection as a common childhood problem, they’re anything but normal.

When your child is sick, you feel helpless. They’re suffering, and it feels like there is nothing you can do to help. Recurring eat infections make up a tremendous number of visits to the pediatrician. The traditional treatment approaches are:

  • Antibiotics. They can be effective for some bacterial infections, but many ear infections are viral, against which antibiotics can’t work.
  • Tubes. Artificial drainage tubes are surgically implanted while your child is under risky anesthesia. Even then, the tubes may come out.

Find a Better Alternative

Many parents are choosing the more conservative approach of chiropractic care. To begin with, we’ll perform a thorough examination that locates areas of nerve disturbance that are making your child prone to ear infections. Then, we can make specific corrections so that their body can use its natural abilities to fight the infection. If their healing capacity is impaired, it’s a sign of something that isn’t working in the body. We begin by looking at the nervous system.

Compromised Nerves

It may surprise you to learn that the nerves responsible for the control, regulation and monitoring of the ear start from the brain stem, then continue to the spinal cord and exit the bones that make up the spinal column.

A change in the upper neck bones, then, may compromise the brain’s ability to send and receive nerve signals. In turn, any organ or tissue in the body can be affected. In this case, it’s the ear, unable to fight off an infection.

Impaired Drainage Ducts

A compromise in the nerves may be accompanied by abnormal muscle tension around the spine. These muscles are attempting to protect your spine from further damage, but their spasms can exert pressure on the lymphatic drainage ducts located nearby. The natural drainage that should occur is unable to, which compounds the problem.

What We Offer

We use a simple approach. When you bring your child in, we emphasize the importance of finding distortions in the upper part of the spine. If we detect nerve tension, it will be gently reduced with natural, safe chiropractic techniques to restore the integrity of their nervous system. A child or infant requires a simple, light touch with the fingertips. We’ll explain everything in advance to you so that you feel comfortable getting started.

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