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Chiropractor Grand Forks
for Optimal Wellness

Since 2017, your Paragon Chiropractic & Wellness Center team has been passionate about providing our members with a complete wellness experience. We feature state-of-the-art diagnostic scan technology to isolate areas of poor function. Your health is too important to wait - take back control and take ACTION. Call now!

Discover True Health at Paragon Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Grand Forks Chiropractor Dr. Kayne Griffith offers his patients effective pain relief and wellness optimization in a caring and compassionate environment. His mission is to help his practice members embody greatness and live up to their full human potential in the areas of health and happiness.

Paragon Chiropractic & Wellness Center is family-friendly, and may be unlike any doctor’s office that you’ve experienced. We aim to transform the way you think about health and what is truly possible for you and your family.

We Fight for Your Highest Potential

Our clinic exists to encourage a culture of health through cutting-edge chiropractic care and one-on-one lifestyle coaching. We believe that everyone is a paragon of health excellence from the time of birth to the present day. We are all designed to be healthy so do not settle for anything else!

Dr. Kayne is passionate about helping children and there families find the best versions of themselves through an optimally functioning nervous system. Our practice focuses primarily on pediatric and family wellness with an emphasis on ADHD/ADD, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and neurodevelopmental disorders